SCVC Coaxial with trapezoidal screw

GThe linear actuators SCVC series, work in a range between 5.000 and 50.000 N with speed from 33 to 166mm/sec.
These machines belong to the family of coaxial type pull and thrust units with epicyclical straight toothed reduction gears.
The movement of longitudinal translation is effected through the coupling of the operating threaded steel screw, single or multistart, with a special bronze volute; the traveling rod is a chromeplated precision tube.
Linear actuators SCVC are supplied with fixed waterproof limit switches.

ASCVC Coaxial with trapezoidal screw

Attuatori Lineari Ele-Fantini

Choosing the proper actuator is very important especially in consideration of the heat generated by friction. Heat generation depends on the working time ED (expressed as a %) per time unit (10 min). In order to limit temperature increase and to determine the right actuator size it is necessary to correct the value of actual force (Feff) through the temperature factor (Ft).
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