ELE.FANTINI S.r.l. designed a new series of LINEAR ACTUATOR for moving medium and high powers with loads up to 6 tons.
Working range is from 3.250 N to 60.000 N; speed from 3,7 to 150mm/sec.

These linear actuators are avalaible in the following versions:
ALCT type: coaxial, with epicyclical straight toothed reduction gears.
ALVT type: orthogonal, with worm screw and helical crown reducer; this model can be coupled in series with perfect synchronisation of operation.

Main feature of these lineators is the use of ball screws that, owing to their high efficiency (90-95%), give the following advantages:

- limited power demand that results in a reduction of torque at the rotating axles and corresponding specific pressures on gear teeth.
- lower heat production and, as a result, higher operating frequency (ED%)
- lower consumption of moving parts and, therefore, longer life of parts.
- smooth linear movement without vibrations.

Linear actuators ALCT – ALVT are supplied with adjustable limit switches and potenziometer for monitoring the stroke.
All machines are equipped with a self-braking motor so as to make the sistem irreversible.

Choosing the proper actuator is very important especially in consideration of the heat generated by friction. Heat generation depends on the working time ED (expressed as a %) per time unit (10 min). In order to limit temperature increase and to determine the right actuator size it is necessary to correct the value of actual force (Feff) through the temperature factor (Ft).
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