The linear actuators SCVA series, work in a range between 7.500 and 100.000 N with speed from 2 to 16mm/sec.
These are built with a worm screw reducer, made of high quality material: spheroidal ferritic cast iron reducer case, hardened and tempered steel worm screw, special bronze helical crown; carbon steel threaded rod. Ball and conical roller bearings to support motion. Grease or oil lubrication.

The SCVA linear actuators are available in the following executions:

- back cover with eye
- flanged

A supplementary gearbox can be applied to all types whenever lower speeds are required.
The SCVA linear actuators with worm screw can be coupled in series to obtain a perfect synchronisation of operation.
All models are irreversible and with automatic stop: vibration only, and if of a considerable magnitude, can cause a movement of the load.
In this case, in order to obtain irreversibility, machines are equipped with a brake motor.
Linear actuators can be fitted with a handwheel directly connected to the worm screw, thus making it possible to manually perform any operation in case of emergency.
The self-disenganging handwheel is in accordance with accident prevention standards.

SCVA Orthogonal Flanged

Attuatori Lineari Ele-Fantini

SCVA Orthogonal With Eye

Attuatori Lineari Ele-Fantini

Choosing the proper actuator is very important especially in consideration of the heat generated by friction. Heat generation depends on the working time ED (expressed as a %) per time unit (10 min). In order to limit temperature increase and to determine the right actuator size it is necessary to correct the value of actual force (Feff) through the temperature factor (Ft).
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