ELE.FANTINI S.r.l. designed a new series of LINEAR ACTUATORS for moving small powers with loads up to 8.000 N.
Working range is from 600 N to 8.000 N; speed from 3 to 60mm/sec. Maximum pull and thrust load indicated in the data sheet is meant for intermittent working.
The compact design and the wide range of models available make these devices very versatile so as to become a good alternative to the traditional air and oil systems, also in consideration of the easy installation with low costs for the start-up, running and maintenance.

These linear actuators are avalaible in the following versions:

ALCT type: with epicyclical straight toothed reduction gears and motor in coaxial position with respect to the thrust axis

ALV - ALVT type: with worm screw and helical crown reducer and motor in orthogonal position with respect to the thrust axis

ALPT - ALPT/b - ALPT/f type:
reducer with pulleys driver by toothed belt and motor in parallel position with respect to the thrust axis

All actuators are supplied with adjustable limit switches and potentiometer for monitoring the stroke; all are irreversible and with automatic stop.

Choosing the proper actuator is very important especially in consideration of the heat generated by friction. Heat generation depends on the working time ED (expressed as a %) per time unit (10 min). In order to limit temperature increase and to determine the right actuator size it is necessary to correct the value of actual force (Feff) through the temperature factor (Ft).
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