21 October 1938
The company is founded with its headquarters in Milan and plant in Brugherio (MB). After undergoing several transformations, in 1950 it takes on the structure and name of Marzorati Tecnica Industriale S.p.A., its business being to manufacture and sell technical articles for industry. The production schedule is built around mechanical power transmission components: adjustable speed drives, gears, adjustable pulleys.

In the 1950s, important manufacturing agreements are put in place under licence with the German manufacturer STROMAG. Elastic couplings and a wide series of clutches, brakes, electromagnetic clutches and induction joints are added to the production schedule.

These years see the strengthening of trade and cooperation agreements with the French representatives Unicum and Catep (adjustable speed drives and gearboxes), with Van der Graaf from Holland (mechanical clutches), with Eaton Airflex from the USA (pneumatic clutches) and with Twiflex from the UK (disc brakes). Distribution agreements with Koyo from Japan (self-aligned supports and ball bearings) open up important new market sectors. Marketing these products increases the acquisition of technologies and application experience.

The company’s activities extend to the field of industrial ventilation and soundproofing systems.

Thanks to the development of new industrial applications and the growing demand for innovation, Marzorati begins to design, manufacture and market of timing systems and mechanical jacks.

Customisation! Alongside its standard production, Marzorati adds a new philosophy designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers, now able to customise their own products as they wish. Birth of the RA2000 bevel gearbox.

Birth of the “fast” RMV jack with bevel gear, initially for specific applications in the stone and marble industry and later used in other industries e.g. rail, furnaces and glass.

June 2011 Marzorati changes hands. While ensuring continuity for the hard work carried out in recent years, the new managerial approach leads Marzorati to perceive changes as a continuous challenge for innovation, actively participating in the relentless process of technological evolution.

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